Vol. 4 No. 1 (2020)

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 Journal of Education and Society (JES) is the Peer-Reviewed journal of the Leyte Normal University published annually. JES envisions itself as a space of conversation in the teaching and learning of all disciplines and the interactions within and among communities (i.e., teachers, learners, professionals, indigenous peoples). We see the journal as an avenue to engage in knowledge production, expansion, and exchange, where ideas are proposed, and where long-held assumptions are contested.

JES subthemes are mainly the following: teaching & learning, policy & implementation, critical literacy, development of pedagogies, instructional materials (IMs), IMs support materials, measurement and evaluation, K to 12 educations, higher education, special education, professional education, education technology, tech-voc education, online education, distance education alternative education, indigenous people (IP) education. Researchers, scholars, and educators are invited to submit research and theoretical papers to the journal for consideration.


Published: 12/01/2020